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Sellbike have been in the trade for over 20 years now. Sellbike prides itself in it's customer service, and quick and easy way to get a Bike Valuation or Sell Your Bike, both of which it does online.

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Sellbike primarily deal with the car market, but have began also focusing on the MotorBike sector. Their merit comes from the speed and ease of use, when it comes to getting a Motorbike Valuation.

Sellbike are well known for BUYING bikes, but their service can also be used to simply get a Bike Valuation. The website is straight forward and easy to use.

We Buy Any Bike

Sellbike, a completely seperate company to that of, but offering a very similar service. They will value your bike online, accuracy is dependent on the quality of infomation which you give to them.


BikeTrader is mainly known for buying and selling bikes, but with the help of CAP, they are now offering bike valuations.

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